Our Working Steps

Defining project goals. Business mission, goal, offer. Then specification of the target audience and competitive field.

1 . Discussion

Sitemap and wireframing. List of pages and posting, relationship with each other on the site. Page structure: layout of elements and content.

2 . Planning

Website interface design. Creates a user-friendly, at the same time business branding design.

3 . Prototype design

On the pre-approved technologies and design, construction of the site appearance, functionality, database.

4 . Programming

Ready site performance, functionality, speed test. Then the site is ready to enter a live server and launched.

5 . Testing

Regular maintenance. Add / update functions, fix errors / problems. Backup of the site.

6 . Service

Website / mobile application design and development

Web design

Web design


SEO promotion

Technical support

Technical support

Domain / Hosting / SSL

Domain / Hosting / SSL


Audit / processing / updating of the existing site


Why choose us

Special approach

Honest customer relations, simple communication and meeting clear deadlines are a prerequisite for us.

Success plan

Do you want results? The best way to succeed is to research the psychology of your company, your competitors, your target audience, and your customers. After fully clarifying with your user, we will offer the best solution and create the appropriate website or app for you.

Attention to detail

We pay great attention and importance to the details. After all, any opinion or consideration can have a great impact on the success of a website.

Only specialists

We have not only good specialists in the field, but also people working as a team. To work best, the team must have the skills to communicate, collaborate, actively listen and solve problems. We work according to those principles.

Pricing policy

The price range for our work is competitive and fair. Any unexpected or additional changes must be approved by you after discussing the price and duration.


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Source Code development company

Source Code is a company providing web-based programming services and basic programming courses. We cooperate with both Armenian and non-Armenian organizations - individual entrepreneurs engaged in the development of information technologies. Our goal is to educate and develop competitors in the field of information technology in accordance with modern standards.

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